The Fifteenth Moscow Solar System Symposium

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Space Research Institute
Moscow, Russia
October 21- 25, 2024

Starting from 2010, the Space Research Institute holds annual international symposia on Solar system exploration. Main topics of these symposia include wide range of problems related to formation and evolution of Solar system, planetary systems of other stars; exploration of Solar system planets, their moons, small bodies; interplanetary environment, astrobiology problems. Experimental planetary studies, science instruments and preparation for space missions are also considered at these symposia.

The Fifteenth Moscow International Solar System Symposium (15M-S3) will be held from October 21 till 25, 2024.

The following sessions will be held during the symposium:


  • Session. Mars
  • Session. Venus
  • Session. Moon and Mercury
  • Session. Small Bodies (including cosmic dust)
  • Session. Giant planets
  • Session. Extrasolar planets
  • Session. Astrobiology

Space Research Institute holds this symposium with participation of the following organizations:

  • Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry RAS, Russia
  • Brown University, USA
  • Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Russia
  • Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS, Russia
  • Kotelnikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics RAS, Russia
  • Sternberg Astronomical institute, Moscow State University, Russia

The meeting will be held both "face-to-face" and virtual. The Program Committee cordially asks you to make registration on the website with with the selection of Face-to-face or Virtual form of participation (it can be changed later).

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